Friend of Jim Lee

So I couldn't tell you last week that I was on a panel with the comics heroes of my youth, but here’s video of it. Subscribers only, so subscribe!

Friend of Jim Lee
DC's new house ad for WALLER VS. WILDSTORM. Art by Jorge Fornes, image courtesy of DC Comics.

Edited by Sam Thielman

THIS IS WHAT I WAS FORBIDDEN from telling you in last week's edition. Not only was I attending New York Comic Con as a creator, but I had been secretly scheduled for Jim Lee's panel, something he calls Jim Lee & Friends.

For the unfamiliar, Jim Lee is one of the true comic book greats—an artist who drew some of the medium's most iconic images of the past 30 years and now the chief creative officer of DC Comics. Once I was a tween buying the giant gatefold cover of X-Men #1 and staring into the depths of madness within Magneto's glowing eyes, guaranteeing that I would soon buy WildC.A.T.s, StormWatch, Deathblow and the rest of the early WildStorm Universe. Now I am writing lots of WildStorm characters and aiming them at Amanda Waller. According to the laws of comics promotion, I am now an official Friend of Jim Lee. Look, I don't make the rules.

I was of course not the only Friend of Jim Lee. On the panel as well were two other comics legends of my youth: